Monday, May 31, 2010

The Coming Battle

The geese took a holiday stroll with their brood on the grassy shore of Chandler Pond this weekend. The weather was fine and the goslings couldn't have been cuter.

It was nice to enjoy such simple pleasures during a weekend set apart to honor the men and women who have served our country and died for it. This Memorial Day, we find ourselves under a terrifying environmental threat. It's probable that our National Guard and other troops will soon be deployed to fight a sickening battle against the ever-expanding Gulf oil spill.

E. and I visited Louisiana two years ago. We stayed in the little bayou town of Napoleonville and took a wonderful boat trip deep into the bayou. My fond recollections of the beautiful landscape I saw then only adds to the grief I feel now at the thought of its despoliation. Of course, my sadness is nothing compared to that of the area's inhabitants, who now face the end of their way of life. My thoughts and prayers go out to them.

The photo below shows an osprey on its nest in the bayou. These birds have made a comeback in the area. I only hope that they and their fragile ecosystem manage to survive the coming onslaught of oil.

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  1. I wake up grieving during the night. What has mankind wrought on our environment?