Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wine With Lunch, or Not

Wine with lunch seems such a pleasant concept, but it's not one that works for me.

Today, I was a guest at a lovely 60th-birthday lunch. The setting was delightful, a whimsical Cambridge restaurant with magenta walls, accented by a riot of other colors. Before we sat down for lunch, the wait staff circulated with glasses of white wine. My hands were empty. I felt thirsty. I took a glass.

So delightful, so elegant, so likely to make me dizzy. Or drowsy. Or even give me a headache. I took a sip. That was it. After half an hour or so, we sat down to a delicious meal accompanied by good conversation. During the course of it I took one more sip of my wine. That was enough, almost too much.

Yet, had it been dinner, I surely would have enjoyed the whole glass and perhaps even indulged in a second one. The time of day seems to have a profound effect on wine's effect on me. All around me, friends imbibed, chatted, laughed, forgot the way time marches on. I forgot I hadn't had any wine and let the enjoyment of being with women I'd known for decades intoxicate me.

When it came time to leave, hugs all around, and off I went to the parking garage, along with two friends. I took out the keys to my car. Got in the driver's seat. Glad I hadn't been drinking.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.


  1. Any kind of alcohol effects me that way in the afternoon. But truthfully, the older I get the less of a job my body does metabolizing alcohol.

    Sometimes I order a glass of wine with dinner just to be social, but I seldom finish it. When I think of my youth--when imbibing equaled fun and lots of laughter, and a party wasn't a party unless I was feeling the effects of some new drink, I never forget it also could bring with it its share of problems. My mother, who never drank--unless she did it before I was old enough to remember--always asked, "Tell me one good thing that has ever come from drinking alcohol." I used to think she was overreacting, but as time passes, I think I see why she felt that way. Although for those who still enjoy it, I say more power to you.

  2. With the heat of the summer, nothing seems to work but water... although I must admit that a nice glass of Rose wine from Provence, over some grilled fish does not hurt, provided you have the time for a nice siesta afterwards!

    (We French people are definitely past redemption, whatever that is...)